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Subspace Continuum X-Radar

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When X-Radar is turned on, you will be able to see all Cloaked or Stealthed enemy ships. In addition to early warning, this can be used as an advantage. If you can see an enemy who thinks he is sneaking up on you, you have the ability to strike first, or use specials to attack him. X-Radar does take energy when it is enabled, so instead of simply leaving it on all the time, it is a better idea to toggle it once every minute or so to make sure that no enemies are invisible to you.

Subspace Guide

Xradar is a ship upgrade, an item that you can use over and over again until you die, or until you lose it because of damage. Upon activation, Xradar will reveal all stealthed and/or cloaked enemy ships on your radar. It costs energy to maintain, and it will simply stop working when your energy is depleted. Some ships have xradar enabled by default, and therefor cannot lose it due do damage. Other ships will have to collect greens to obtain xradar.

Xradar is an invaluable item in any zone. Whether you're flying around on your own, being driven around on a huge turret, or if you're playing against 10 other teams, you will simply need to see cloakers and stealthed people in order for you and your team to survive and win. Usually it's better not to keep it on permanently, simply because it drains your energy reserve. When you forget to turn it off when going into combat, you can get awfully low on energy. Switch it on and off quickly every now and then rather than using it continuously. If you do it right, no cloakers will get close without you noticing them in time, and you will have more energy to spend.

If you don't have xradar, try to green for it asap. A Cloaker will often fire a volley of bullets at you and cloak again, waiting for your reaction. He will notice when you don't have xradar, because your flying pattern will be different than when you can see the cloaker. He will try to sneak up as close as possible, killing you within seconds when he starts pumping L3 bullets into you. The best thing you can do is run to a crowded area, or try getting rid of him in a nearby structure. In open space, you can rocket away from him or lay some mines behind you. He will have trouble keeping up with you because of other ships and bombs flying around. He has to fly around any mines you drop, because he has little energy to spend due to the use of cloak and stealth devices. He can turn them off though, but that will only make him an easy target for other players.

If you lure him into a base, you can burst him to death in a small passage (when you think he's near). You can hear his ship bounce off the walls if he is cloaked, use this to your advantage and try locating him with gunfire or bursts. Don't use bombs unless you are sure that there's some distance between you and the cloaker; if he's right next you, your bomb will explode in your face, causing massive damage that will bring your energy near the red zone. Always mine the path behind you. A Cloaker can't get past mines unless he reveals himself by either running into the mine or repelling. He will try to avoid this at all cost, which will probably buy you enough time to escape. If he does reveal himself, you have a decent chance to strike back even if he's cloaked. Again : try to avoid using bombs ; use guns and multifire instead. Try to bounce around a bit so that a sudden straight line of bullets from the cloaker will be less likely to hit and damage you severely.

Try to make the battle last as long as possible ; your recharge rate is much higher because of the cloak and stealth device the cloaker is using. This is the one advantage you have, so try to get the most out of it. Turn on stealth to force the cloaker to use xradar too, causing an even higher pressure on his energy. Wear him down, run alot and try hitting him with a few rounds of multifire as you do. Finish him off with a sudden thor fired at him when you bounce back off a wall. If you feel that you can ambush him, simply drop a portal in a corner and fly away. When you think he is near the corner, warp to the portal and fire your burst and watch him splatter against the walls.

Subspace Chaos Quote:

Ah, but there is always a catch :) The XRADAR reveals all STEALTHed and CLOAKed ships on the map when activated. XRADAR lowers recharge rate.

Rincewind Quote:

X-radar is your secret weapon against the game's sneakier players. If you intend to do any sort of serious chasing or running, this upgrade is absolutely required. It is also required for anyone defending a base. Manage to pick up flags, and without x-radar you will be dead within minutes; as soon as one opponent knows you have no x, he will tell his teammates, and soon you will find yourself surrounded by ships you cannot see. There is nothing that can cause heartburn faster than to have twelve flags and no x and to find yourself being pursued by the best player in the game - stealthed. If you meet up with a Spider who both cloaks and stealths, you are even worse off, and a quick warp out is highly recommended. Consider becoming a turret on a team member who does have x-radar, and leave the running to him. If you're being 'stalked' by a cloaker who is attempting to ambush you, by all means call a teammate for help.

You will spend a great deal of time chasing people you know you can beat, and if they also know this you can bet they'll have their stealth turned on. X-radar's energy drain is comparable to that of stealth and cloak, and is best turned off in battle if one knows that there are no hidden ships lurking nearby. However, every so often toggle it on and off to see if any have wandered into the map since you last checked. Conversely, when fighting someone who is stealthed, every now and again turn x-radar off to determine if he has unstealthed. This is highly recommended since you are putting yourself at an energy disadvantage by keeping your radar turned on unnecessarily. Of course, you can always play this same trick against your opponent, hoping he will forget to check.

If you and several team members are in a chase, make sure at least one of you is stealthed. This will force your foe to keep his x-radar on, sapping energy that he might otherwise use to fight back. Also, be absolutely sure that at all teams at least one team member at your War Zone flag base has his x-radar on. If none of you have the upgrade, then at least put mines at all the entrances so that no cloakers can sneak past undetected.