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Subspace Continuum Controls

What is Subspace | Controls | Commands | Ships | Tools | Zones | A Newbie's Plight | How to Fly | Dictionary | Quick Reference

Basic movement & weaponry

Left arrow Rotates your ship counter-clockwise
Right arrow Rotates your ship clockwise
Up arrow Activate forward thrusters
Down arrow Activate reverse thrusters
SHIFT+Up arrow Activate forward afterburner
SHIFT+Down arrow Activate reverse afterburner
CTRL Fire your gun (if available)
TAB Fire a bomb (if available)
SHIFT+TAB Drop a mine (if available)

Weaponry and special items

Shift-CTRL Activate Repel
Delete Toggles multifire ON/OFF
Shift-Delete Uses a Burst
Insert Warps your ship to a random spot on the map
Shift-Insert Drops a Portal
End Toggles Xradar
Shift-End Toggles Antiwarp
Home Toggles Stealth
Shift-Home Toggles Cloak
F3 Fire Rocket
F4 Drop a Brick, perpendicular to the nearest wall
F5 Launch a Decoy
F6 Fire a Thor's Hammer
F7 Attach to ticked player
F11 Change your ship to the Spectator model (you need full energy for this ; turn off stealth/xradar etc..)


F2 Display the player list
PageUp Scroll up the playerlist (list will automatically popup if not present)
PageDown Scroll down the playerlist (list will automatically popup if not present)
SHIFT+(F1-F8) Store text macro number F1-F8. Type something and press SHIFT-F#. The game will notify you that the macro has been stored. Press SHIFT-F# again to recall the macro you just stored.

The communication system in SubSpace is rather advanced. The commands section lists all in-game commands one should know about.

Miscellaneous options

The following commands are available ONLY after you have pressed the ESC key.

 F1  Cycle through the help menu.
 F2  Cycle through the player stat boxes.
 F3  Cycle through the types of name tag display.
 F4  Switch your radar on/off.
 F5  Toggle messages on/off
 F6  Turn message ticker on/off. (newbies should turn this helpful tool on)
 F7  Toggle background stars on/off.
 F8  Toggle engine sounds on/off
 F9  Cycle through four levels of gamma correction. (gamma correction makes your screem brighter)
 A   Bring up the arena select menu.
 B   Bring up the banner selection menu. Only available if you are in spectator mode.
 C   Change server options. This will work only if you are a sysop.
 I   Toggle public macros on/off
 Q   Exit SubSpace.
 1   Change your ship to a Warbird ("wb").
 2   Change your ship to a Javelin ("jav").
 3   Change your ship to a Spider ("spid").
 4   Change your ship to a Leviathan ("l"/"lev"/"levi").
 5   Change your ship to a Terrier ("t"/"terr").
 6   Change your ship to a Weasel ("wsl"/"wzl"/"x").
 7   Change your ship to a Lancaster ("lanc"/"lance").
 8   Change your ship to a Shark.
 S   Change your ship to the Spectator model. Selecting someone in the playerlist and pressing FIRE will make you spectate that specific player.

PgUp/PgDn adjusts the size of the playerlist.

Spectator options

These are options that are available ONLY when you are in spectator mode.

F3 Free movement mode. Now you can move around freely using the arrow keys. Press and hold the SHIFT-key to move around faster.
F5 Soccer mode. You will keep following the soccer ball.
CTRL Spectate the player you ticked in the player list. Press PgUp/PgDn to select someone.
arrow keys Move the view around the map. Press SHIFT and an arrow key to move around faster.