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Subspace Continuum Dictionary

What is Subspace | Controls | Commands | Ships | Tools | Zones | A Newbie's Plight | How to Fly | Dictionary | Quick Reference


Afterburner: The afterburner is a device that comes with every ship. Using SHIFT-up/down arrow to activate it, this device will spend an amount of energy to temporarily increase the effect of your ship's thrusters. This is a very useful tool to fly around in tight places, or to dodge enemy fire.

AntiWarp: When switched on, antiwarp denies all enemy pilots near you to warp, attach or drop portals. Antiwarp will drain a small amount of energy from your supplies whenever it is turned on.

Attach: You can select a teammate in the playerlist using PageUp/PageDown, and you can then attach to that person by pressing F7. You will warp to his location, and your ship will be attached to his. You'll become a cannon on the back of his ship, and he will be the one flying you around. Press F7 again to de-attach. You'll appear next to that person in your own ship again.


Banner: A banner is the image next to your name in the score list. You can use them for fun, or you can use them to show people which squad you are in. You can add your own banner by making a 12x8 256-color .bmp file with MS Paint. Put the .bmp file in your SubSpace folder. Enter a zone, go into spec mode and press ESC B to select your banner.

Bombs: Bombs are one of the two primary weapons ships can be equipped with. These balls of plasma explode when they hit an object, and will emit dangerous pieces of shrapnel.

Bounty: A ship's bounty is the number next to it's name. It will increase when you kill someone or if you pick up a positive green. You can see your own bounty by pressing ESC F3 or by looking in the top right corner. Your bounty is the red number on the third row from the top.

Bricks: Bricks are temporary walls. When dropped, it will drop perpendicular to the nearest wall. It will block all enemies and enemy fire, while you, your team and friendly fire won't be affected by the wall.

Bullets: Bullets are one of the two primary weapons ships can be equipped with. These plasma based projectiles can bounce off walls and obstacles and severely damage your enemies.

Burst: A burst is a powerful powerup that will fire L4 bullets in all directions. These bullets can only harm enemies after they have bounced off obstacles such as walls and asteroids.


Charge Rate: The charge rate is the speed your energy is replenished. A higher charge rate means more energy per second.

Cloak: The cloaking device will drain energy from your ships' reserves in exchange for invisibility. It will turn off automatically when you shoot. Your ship will be invisible on screen for any other ship not currently using Xradar. Use in combination with Stealth to be completely invisible.


Decoy: A decoy is an exact copy of your ship. When activated, it will move in the same direction as your ship, with the same speed. Decoys only bounce off walls and asteroids, and will not set off any bombs/mines etc. The decoy will not have stealth or cloak, and it will appear on your radar as a dark yellow dot.

Doors: Doors are special objects that will open and close on regular intervals. They will disappear when they're "open", and they will close again after a certain amount of time. When they are closed, they will block everything a normal wall would. Any ship that is blocking the door will be warped. You will re-appear on a random location on the map, leaving your energy supply intact. This warp will occur even if an enemy has antiwarp engaged. It's also possible to take a powerball with you when you warp this way.:

Dud bullets: Dud bullets are bullets that deal no or barely any damage. Damage in SubSpace is random (it has a minimum and maximum value, but it's still random between those two values). This is especially annoying in zones like Paintball and Trench Wars, where one bullet is supposed to kill someone. So, if someone you hit doesn't die, then don't start yelling at him that he lags, he was just lucky.


Energy: Energy is what keeps your ship alive. When your energy drops below zero, your ship will blow up. The large blue number in the top right corner is your current energy level. When getting near dangerously low energy levels, the amount of energy left will be shows next to your ship in yellow numbers. When critically low, the numbers will turn red.

Energy depleted: This is what you get when you to pick up a green of this type. It's very rare, so you will almost never find one, but they are extremely dangerous nonetheless. Your ship will lose all it's energy, and start back at zero. When you are dueling someone, and you happen to pick up this green just before being hit by a bomb, then you'll see your ship spreaded out as wallpaper on the nearest asteroid. Whenever you pick one up, you'd best run for cover, preferably a safe zone.

Engine shutdown: Whenever you pick up a green, there's a chance that you get this rare powerup. It affects your ship's engines, temporarily disabling your rotation and thruster systems. To avoid being a sitting duck in space, use a rocket to get away. Note that dodging will be nearly impossible, so don't head for any crowded area's.

Engine shutdown severe: This is is similar to an Engine Shutdown green, except that this one lasts for a very long time. If you grab this green, you'd better start praying, because without help you're as good as dead. To avoid dying, you can attach to a teammate till it wears off, or you can just change ships.


Flags: Flags are stationary objects that add a CTF (Capture The Flag) element to SubSpace. Blue ones are flags you can either pick up, or you will be able to change them to yellow to receive a periodic Territory bonus.

Flagroom: Also just "FR" in short. In flag games, your team has to collect all the flags in order to win the jackpot. While you are out to find the last few flags, you store the remainder of the flags in your flag room. It's the most remote spot in your base ; a spot that is easy to defend and hard to reach for enemies.

Full charge: This is a type of powerup you get from collecting greens. It will restore your energy to 100%.


Goal: You score points by shooting the powerball in the goal. It's as simple as that. Some great zones have been based on this soccer-type of game, like Paintball, Powerball and Hockey. Yellow goals (both on screen as on radar) are the ones you have to defend against the enemy. The Red goals (on radar; they're blue on your screen) are the ones you can shoot the ball in to earn points.

Greens: Greens are the green little boxes that are spread around in most zones. They are powerups, and they will upgrade your ship's systems and give you special items. In rare cases, these greens are bad and they shut down your engines for a while, deplete all your energy or take away an upgrade. In some zones, when you pick up a green, your teammates also get that green. This allows a team to help each other to power-up their ships.


High latency: This indicates that you are having a ping spike. It means that the last couple of packets transmitted between you and the server didn't arrive fast enough. If your packets don't arrive fast enough, you will look jumpy to other people, and the other way around. The game puts you in spectator mode if this is the case. To un-spectate, just press F11.





Latency / Lag: Latency is the time a signal from your computer needs to reach the server (Also see Ping time). If this takes too long, you will see other ships jumping around, and others will see you jump around as well. This is really annoying, since it's very hard aiming for you and your enemies. Latency depends on which ISP you are using, the distance between you and the server and, probably most important, at what time of the day you are playing. In the evening things are likely to be laggy, while in the morning you will have a great connection. Try reconnecting with your ISP, and shut down ICQ when your connection is bad.


Mines: A mine is a nothing more than a bomb traveling at zero speed. Mines have a proximity radius just like bombs, and they will emit shrapnel as well. There's a limit to the amount of bombs that you/your team can have lying around at a time. This is to prevent people to mine like hell and make one huge minefield out of the zone.

Moderator: A moderator is somebody who can help you out with problems. He can also get rid of cheaters, and send messages to an entire arena. Someone with more "power" is called a Super moderator, and the big boss in every zone is called the Sysop.

Multifire: Multifire changes the way your ship's guns fire. When switched on, your ship will fire three bullets spread out. This way, it's easier to hit an opponent, but you do just as much damage as with single bullets. Multifire makes your ship's fire rate lower, and each shot is more expensive than single fire bullets. If you know when and how to use this weapon, then it will give you a big strategic advantage.

Multiprize: A multiprize is a special powerup (also know as greens) that gives you multiple upgrades instead of one. The amount of upgrades a multiprize gives you is different for each zone ; the upgrade you get is random.



?obscene: Toggles the obscenity filter on/off. It is switched on by default, type ?obscene while in a zone once to turn it off, and again to turn it back on.


Packetloss: Packetloss is when the network routers between you and the subspace server get overloaded. They can't process all packets they receive, so they discard some, expecting that the packets will be re-sent later. SubSpace however does not resend packets, it would make the latency too high. This way, data will be lost. Bullets, bombs, mines and the like won't appear on your screen all the time and people will be jumping around.

ping spike: A ping spike indicates a high (temporary) ping time between you and the game server. This could be because of an ICQ message you just received (a good idea is to turn ICQ off when playing), or it could be just a short delay caused somewhere in the network. Anyways, if you have a ping spike, then the game will put you in spectator:

ping time: When you ping a server, you check the time it takes a signal to go from your pc to the server and back. For good gameplay, this should be at least under 300ms. If it's above that, gameplay will become jumpy, and it will be very hard to hit people since you can't see so well what they're doing.

Portal: The portal is a device that will drop a beacon when activated. Whenever you press insert after that, you will be warped to the beacon, no matter what your energy level is or where you are. Your velocity and vector will remain the same when you emerge from the beacon. Note that dropping portals and warping can be denied by using antiwarp.

Powerball: The powerball is a red flashing orb that is used to make goals with. In some zones, it will upgrade your ship's weaponry, or it will disable your weapons when you are carrying it. It also allows you to be killed in a safe zone.



Radar Your radar gives you an overview of what is happening outside of your viewing area. You can see enemies coming, you can see team owned flags, and you can see the powerball here. This also helps you to navigate through complex structures faster. Look at your radar alot, it will save your ass countless times.

Rockets: Rockets are similar to the afterburner, except that the rocket can be used only one time, and it gives you a much better speed boost. Use it to get out of trouble, or to give your bombs extra speed, so that your enemies will die before they know what's coming towards them.

Routers: Routers are computers that pass your signal on to the subspace server, and vice versa. The internet consists of thousands of routers, located everywhere around the world. If one of those routers happens to get more data than it can process, then it will store some data in memory so it can transmit it a while later. This is called a high ping time. If the router's memory is full, then it will begin discarding packets. This is called Packetloss.


Shields: Shields provide your ship with a temporary force field that will suck up damage. Counting down from 100% to zero, the shields are most effective right after you greened them. Keep an eye on your energy level though, because firing your weapons and eating some damage can wear your energy supply down real fast.

Slow bombs: These are bombs with low velocity. To defend a base, people put mines everywhere. Since you can only place few mines, people fly backwards and fire bombs. A wall of slow moving bombs works just as a minefield, and is very effective in keeping enemies out. You can "place" the bombs a while before the enemy arrives so they won't catch you low on energy.

Shrapnel: Shrapnel is the debris that bombs emit after they explode. A piece of shrapnel is just as dangerous as a bullet. If you have bouncing bullets, then your shrapnel will bounce too, and if you have level 3 bullets, then your shrapnel will be level 3 too, even if your bombs are only level 1.

Spectator: A spectator is someone who is logged into a zone, but isn't playing. He could be there because he needed a short break, or he could be forced there if his ping time or packetloss was too high. In spectator mode (spec), you can watch everybody play. You can center on a specific player, center on the Powerball, or just "fly" around wherever you want.

Squad: A squad is like a clan in Quake : you play together for fun, and you team up against other squads. In SubSpace, there are lots of squads. You can also make your own squad.

Stealth: Stealth is a device that you can turn on to make your ship invisible on radar.

Superpower: Superpower allows you to fire your primary and secondary weapons for free for a certain amount of time. You can shoot without losing energy. This turns you into a true killing machine for a while, trampling everyone in your way. Combine it with Shields and consider yourself God for a while.

SVS: This means "Standard VIE Settings". VIE is the company that created SubSpace. The first zones in SubSpace were based on these settings. You can find these settings in SSCU WarZone, SSCU Chaos Expert, SSCX Alpha Zone and SSCX Powerball.

Swarm: Swarming somewhere means that you and a bunch of teammates fly around and help each other to kill other players. This usually means that there are five or six newbies rocketing towards the first enemy they see. Some people find it lame to do this (and most of the times it IS lame), but it is nonetheless a very effective way to get some easy kills.


Target bounty: If you type ?target=100, then enemy ships with a bounty of 100 or higher will show up as light-blue dots instead of dark-blue dots. This way, you can track down the players with the highest bounties. The more bounty a player has, the more points you will earn for killing him.

Teamkilling: This simply means killing people on your own team. This is done by bombing walls next to the target, which is a common problem in Trench Wars. Although accidental team kills occur regularly, you should avoid doing this at all cost. Intentional team killing will result in a warning, followed by a (temporary) ban.

Turret: When you attach to someone, you warp to that person's ship and you become a gun turret. The person you attached to is controlling both his and your movement, and you can still fire your weapons. If four people attach to someone this way, they'll form a powerful turret that has five times the firepower of one ship. The only drawback they have is that IF a bomb hits the turret, they will ALL take the damage. If you manage to kill one on the turret, then you'll be close to killing the other too. Click here for a screenshot of a turret.

Thrusters: Thrusters are your ships' primary propulsion system. They don't use any energy, although you can boost their performance by spending some energy to activate the afterburners. The only thing that can temporarily disable your thrusters is an Engine shutdown powerup.

Type killing: Typekilling someone means that the person you killed was typing at that moment. It's not illegal to kill someone who is typing, but it is considered lame. New players will find this tempting (hey, an easy kill to improve my not-too-good win/loss ratio), but it's better not to do this. If you play a lot, you'll find that your skill is increasing each time you play, and you won't need to type kill.



Vulching: Vulching comes from the word Vulture. Two people are dueling, and one eventually kills the other. He's low on energy, but he's alive, and this is when you rush in and finish him off. This is rather lame, because you have a huge energy advantage. Imagine how it would be if you got killed after you finally killed that other guy in a fair 1-1 fight. Try to avoid vulching, or some people will probably start disliking you.


Warp: Warping is done by pressing the Insert key. Your ship will be teleported to a random location on the map, and it will lose almost all it's energy. You need to have full energy in order to be able to warp. Also, enemies in your vicinity that have antiwarp switched on will deny you to warp.

Wormhole: A wormhole is a large gravity pit. Ships and bombs are sucked towards it. When you enter a wormhole, you will re-appear at a random spot on the map with zero energy. Ships are the only objects that make it through a wormhole. Also, wormholes change their destination every once in a while. This makes it possible to chase someone escaping through a wormhole. Doors and wormholes can also warp your ship.


Xradar: Xradar is the only device that can reveal stealthed or cloaked ships. When turned on, it will drain energy from your supplies. In return for this, it will detect your enemies disregarding any activated stealth and/or cloak devices.




AFK: Away from keyboard

BRB: Be Right Back

BBL: Be Back Later

BBIAB: Be Back In A Bit

NRG: Energy

DED: Dead

NME: Enemy

OMG: Oh my god

WTF: What the freak

PPL: People

BTW: By the way

Y: Why

U: You

Green Killing: Killing some one when they are by the safe zone picking up the little green dots.

MOD: Moderator

SMOD: Super moderator

Sysop: System operator

Squad War or Tourney: Tournament When two squads fight each other in a scheduled match.

Squad or Guild: A group of people that use the same chat and have there own name, by pressing F2 you can see what squads people are in. To make a squad press F1 it will tell you how

Elimination Match: Before every match, there is a vote of what ship to use and how many deaths you can get before you are out. Once voting is done, it's every man/woman for themselves. You try to kill everyone else till you're the last one standing. After each game is done, a new game will start (so don't worry if you get out fast, there are more then one game)

EMP: Electro Magnetic Pulse, Ships four and seven shoot this. It temporally stuns your ship so your energy can't go up

Lag: Short for laggard, you will here this a lot. This is what most people blame dying on. Lag created by having a slow connection, or having a slow computer. If I were you I wouldn't worry about this to much.

Attach Kill: Killing someone as they attach to another player. Or dying as you attach to another player.

Team Kill: Killing someone on your own team. Or someone killing you that is on your team.

Vulch Killing: Someone who has just killed one of your team mates. Killing that person while his or her energy is low.

Type Kill: Killing an enemy when they are idle, or not moving (usually means they are typing). Or getting killed while typing.

Banner: A small picture by your name. Enter "Spectator Mode" then press ESC B and use page down to select a banner. You can make your own you just have to save a bitmap in the subspace folder that is the same size and shape as the others.