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Subspace Continuum Repel

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Repels are by far the most useful upgrade in the game. A repel can be used as both offensive and defensive tool. When a repel is fired, all enemy fire and ships will be thrown away from you. This is, quite literally, a life saving tool. When you are near death, if you fire a repel, this will generally save you (or prolong your death). Offensively, you can use repels to direct ships where you want them to, or throw enemy ships in the direction of your mines. Donít be afraid to use repels if you feel uncomfortable about your situation, because they will generally clear a path for you to escape.

Subspace Guide

The Repel is a one-shot weapon that, when fired, will repel (kick away) any enemy ships / bombs / bullets and mines away from you. Teammates and any other things belonging to your team won't be affected by this. The repel can be obtained by collecting greens.

The repel is a weapon that added more depth to SubSpace than any other weapon did. When you are low on energy and someone's shooting things at you, simply repel. The attacker and whatever he was shooting will be repelled away, giving you just enough time to recharge. A repel can also easily kill an unaware enemy. Simply lay a pile of mines, and move away from them a bit. If you succeed to lure someone between you and the mines, simply repel him into them. Although this tactic is looked down upon and considered lame, it is highly effective, and the less aware pilots will often fall for this trick.

This trick will probably not work against veteran players. To add another element of surprise, simply drop a portal somewhere around your mines. When a player is between the portal and the mines, simply warp and repel. This might take some time to practice, but you can kill even the best veterans around with this trick. And again, this trick is effective but lame. Do it more than once and alot of people will start bitching at you, simply because mine repelling is seen as an "easy kill". It's like camping in quake : you'll get kills, but you will still be a crappy player.

If you are in a base or any other confined space, be careful when you repel. If shrapnel is flying around and you repel it, you're simply sending all that junk into your teammates and into yourself. You'll turn the shrapnel into an uncontrollable wave of terror, coming back for you after it bounced off the walls. The best thing you can do is just sit still and wait for most of the shrapnel to disappear, just try to dodge a little if possible. On the other hand, if an enemy is surrounded by your shrapnel, you'll want to bounce him around as much as possible to let him eat as much shrapnel as possible. Repel him and watch him absorb all your projectiles and blow up. Again, watch out for enemy shrapnel around you. I once saw 5 teammates (including me) getting killed because one fool repelled in the middle of a base. He killed us all, including himself, and we lost the flag game. All he wanted to do is repel the enemy into our shrapnel, but he simply forgot that there was lots of enemy shrapnel around us too.

The final trick you can do with a repel is VERY useful. People will often mine the entrance of their base, as well as some choke points deeper in the base. Your own bombs/mines can't kill you, but your teammate's bombs/mines CAN. Simply repel the mines into a wall when the enemies are near. They have placed mines, and they got the mines repelled into their faces, so their energy level will drop to a critical level. Some will die and the rest will at least get severely damaged. You can then swoop in and finish them off with ease ; you and your teammates have a huge energy advantage.

Subspace Chaos Quote:

Throws away from your ship all enemy ships/bombs/mines & bullets. A one shot weapon.

Rincewind Quote:

They say that a cat has nine lives; well, a SubSpace player has only as many lives as he has repels. In my experience, over half of all deaths can be avoided if the victim can remember to use his repel. You can only find repels in single doses, and your ship can hold a maximum of three at a time. Since you must hold down the shift and control keys to activate the repeller, you are prevented from firing your guns while using the afterburner, which is an unfortunate design flaw. Repel only works on enemy ships and enemy fire; your teammates and their bombs, mines, and bullets will not be affected.

Face it, dying sucks. First of all, it hurts your win/loss ratio and your rating, and forces you to spend ten or fifteen minutes rebuilding your ship. If you make it a point to never engage in battle without having at least one repel, you can reduce your losses by a sizable amount. Be aware, however, that the repeller is useless in the hands of a pilot lacking split-second reflexes. Practice using the repel in battle and gradually your response time will increase to the point where one instant you can be threatened by three well-aimed pbombs, and three tenths of a second later you can repel them safely on their way.

Recently repel was changed so that instead of simply repelling once, it has a double effect. That is, about half a second after the first repel activates another 'phantom' repel is emitted by your ship. This seems unnecessary but is actually quite useful against bombs; the first repel will send the enemy bomb into a wall and the second repel will keep the shrapnel out of your way. Conversely, this makes repel a much more chaotic force in enclosed areas with bullets.

Repel is often the one and only chance you have to avoid dying in a minefield; if you find yourself careening toward a dozen mines at top speed, instantly hit shift and control, and if they are an enemy's mines, they will all fly away harmlessly.

This powerup is an excellent offensive weapon as well. A favorite trick of many of the best players is to purposely repel an opposing ship that is attempting to maneuver through a tricky spot. For example, if you've herded your opponent into a dead end or a narrow tube, repel him back in while he's trying to escape. This will give you or your team time to let off bombs or a burst. Of course, if you're the guy being repelled, you can always repel back. Last but not least there is the infamous minefield repel tactic, which is examined in Section 7.

After firing a weapon, letting off a decoy, laying a brick, etc. there will be a short pause during which you cannot use your repel (or any other system). This introduces an element of uncertainty into a powerup that many think will provide them with total immunity to death. While you are in the heat of battle and happen to be unlucky enough to slam into a minefield a split second after firing at your opponent, your goose is cooked. Don't complain to the arena that your repel didn't work. It's true, it didn't work, but this is a feature, not a bug.

However, due to packetloss, sometimes a repel that is successfully activated will have a delayed or even nil effect on an enemy ship. Be conservative with this upgrade, but only up to a certain point. Wait until you are somewhat, more than 30% sure, that your death is imminent before using it, but remember, if you wait too long you are as good as dead. You can always use the time repel buys you to mill around and find another, but you can never take back that death.

In the Running Zone, if you've got flags you should never fight without a repel. If you use your last, hit stealth and green until you find another.