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Subspace Continuum Decoy

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Decoys are duplicate ships that can be fired off. To the enemy they look exactly the same as your ship, but they will only drift. After a decoy is deployed, it turns in opposite directions from your steering, but does not move forward or backward anymore. Decoys appear as an enemy ship on an enemy’s radar, but on your (and your teammate’s) radar it appears as a dark yellow dot. Decoys are very handy for escaping, and if you turn stealth on after dropping a decoy, you can make your enemy follow your decoy quite easily. Decoys can also be used to draw fire by firing them into a crowded area.

Subspace Guide

The decoy is a device used to fool your enemies, sending them on a false trail. When activated, it will appear exactly under your ship, and float in the same direction as your ship is flying, with the same speed. It will show your name, banner, bounty and the number of flags you are currently carrying. If your ship rotates, the decoy will rotate in the opposite direction. Decoys will always show up on radar, even if you have stealth and/or cloak turned on. The decoy will show up as a normal blue dot to your enemies on their radar, and as a light brown dot for your teammates. The decoy can be obtained by collecting greens.

Bombs and bullets will simply pass through the decoy, not altering it's course. A repel is the only thing that affects a decoy ; it will simply be "kicked" away like any other ship would. Decoys don't lose any speed when they bounce into an obstacle. They will also bounce off walls in a different way. Normal ships will bounce when an edge of the ship hits the wall. A decoy will bounce with the center of the ship, causing a part of the ship to move over the obstacle (it will look like the ship is on top of the wall for a second). It's a good way to see the difference between a decoy and a ship.

The most used feature of the decoy is to throw one or more enemies off your trail, especially if you have flags. Let go of your arrow keys for a sec, and activate the decoy, which will show up right under your ship. Because you and the decoy are on top of each other, enemies will still see one dot on the radar. Now, if you turn on stealth, and quietly sneak away to the side, the enemy will still see one dot going in the same direction it went. Unless they can see you on their screen, or if they have xradar turned on, they will keep following the dot (they can't see you on the radar because of your stealth).

If necessary, you can drop a portal somewhere, and get rid of those pesky enemies for a while too. Simply activate the decoy, and warp back to your portal. Enemies that are using Xradar will still see one dot, and assume you are still there, since they don't see anything flying away from the decoy, and you'll be happily flying around the spot you dropped you portal :)

Another trick is to lay a pile of mines, and try to sit on them motionless. Drop your decoy and it will sit still on the mines. All you have to do now is fly away ; do what you would normally do. Chances are that a dumbass sees your decoy on the radar. He'll start flying towards it at full speed, firing tons of bullets and bombs hoping for an easy kill, only to run into your mines for a quick death.

It's pretty difficult to sit still in open space, even for the most experienced players. If you want to do it the easy way, simply drop a portal on the spot you want your decoy to be. Head to the nearest safe zone and hit your fire key. You will now sit motionless in the safezone. If you warp, you will sit on the spot your portal was on, still motionless. Now drop your decoy and lay the mines, and watch those fools run into them :)

Subspace Chaos Quote:

The decoy will take on all of your ship's characteristics including velocity, direction, flag count and looks. The decoy will not have thrust and bullets and bombs will pass through it. Decoys also show up on radar and cannot be counteracted by X-Radar.

Rincewind Quote:

Decoys are relatively common. Hit F5 to use one and an exact copy of your ship will be released from your location. Well, not exactly. To an enemy, this copy looks exactly like you on radar and on screen, except that if you are stealthed or cloaked, the decoy is not. To your team, the decoy looks dark yellow on radar. The decoy will move in a straight line with the same momentum your ship had when you released it, and will continue on that line. In addition, it will mirror your ship rotations, giving it a lifelike aspect. All weapons fire pass right through a decoy, which does time out in a few minutes. In addition, a decoy will bounce off of walls with %100, not %80 rebound, a fact that can be used to detect them.

The best use for a decoy is to confuse a pursuer. You are under heavy fire, so release one or two decoys in different directions and the enemy will have to guess which one to follow. It's a good idea to activate stealth and/or rockets the instant after letting off your decoy for obvious reasons. Make the enemy's job harder by flying straight for as long as possible, because a decoy that turns is not a decoy. Also, if your base is being attack or if you are attacking a base, release decoys to make your forces look stronger than they really are, confusing your adversary. It's also fun to sneak up on a base cloaked, then release a decoy right into their midst. They will panic and waste a couple bursts trying to kill you before they realize their error.