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Subspace Continuum Weasel

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Weasels are great ships for the experienced player. For new players, they also offer the benefit of having less PB damage than other ships. A Weasel’s main ability is that it has EMP bombs, which freeze a ships recharge for a short period of time. To finish the kill, Weasels can then attack with bullets (or have their teammates attack). Generally, when an enemy is hit with an EMP bomb, they back off to recharge, and the Weasel’s lack of speed and maneuverability make it difficult to finish the attack. Additionally, the Weasel is a great team ship, but EMP bombs will also freeze your teammate’s energy if they are near the explosion, so pilots need to be careful that they only aim at targets that won’t hurt nearby teammates.

Subspace Chaos Quote:

The Weasel is a superb ECM craft. Not only does it see minefields on radar (displayed as white dots) but it also fires special EMP bombs that cause damage upon impact and stop the enemy from recharging. The weasel is very much a thinking pilot's craft. Craft pilots use this ship to incredible effect. The EMP not only disables recharge, if the player is using cloak, xradar, stealth, or antiwarp, their energy will go down unless they turn off these energy draining systems.

Rincewind Quote:

The Weasel is another variant on the low maneuverability/special weapons theme. It fires a special variety of bomb called the 'EMP', which upon detonation prevents the target ship from recharging for a number of seconds. The caveat is that the bomb itself doesn't do much direct damage. Instead, what a Weasel pilot should do is first disable their victim's charge with an EMP and then home in with guns to finish the job. Also, the Weasel has the ability to see mines on radar as small white dots, a useful advantage when on the run.

In the hands of a good pilot the Weasel is more effective in battle than a casual player might first think. Since it doesn't maneuver that well you'd think it would have trouble squeezing in those few bullets needed to finish off a damaged enemy. However, an opponent with no charge rate only needs to eat two or three bullets to die anyway, and it isn't hard to hit with that many. Never underestimate how vulnerable your ship after being hit with an EMP; usually a couple easy deaths at the hands of a Weasel will serve as proof. This ship is perhaps best in the Running Zone where several people are chasing one target, or in the War Zone situations where one person is trying to get in or out of your base.