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Subspace Continuum Shark

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Sharks, like Spiders, have the cloaking ability. The difference between the two lies in their maneuverability and energy requirements. Cloaking on a Spider takes far less energy than on a Shark. Conversely, Sharks are the second most maneuverable ship in the game (behind the Warbird), while the Spider is only mediocre in this area. These differences make the Shark a good ship for fast paced attacks. Generally, because of high cloaking energy restraints, once a Shark becomes uncloaked, it remains uncloaked during an attack, and then retreats to recharge.

Subspace Chaos Quote:

The manuverabilty of the shark is second only to the warbird. Athough the shark can cloak, like the spider, the recharge cost of cloaking prevents the shark from constantly recloaking while fighting.

Rincewind Quote:

Not available.