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Subspace Continuum Leviathan

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Leviathans are long range bombing ships. They always start with bombs, and can be upgraded to have Level 3 (L3) bombs, which do a large amount of damage, and have wider proxy wider proxy than any other bomb. Their downfall is their low maneuverability, and the huge amount of energy an L3 bomb takes to fire. In addition, the wider proxy, and more powerful L3 bomb make it easier to PB yourself. Generally, new players like to use this ship because they find the powerful weapons more attractive.

Generally, a Leviathan should be flown at a distant from the battle. Fire L3ís into the fray (this is called vulching). Try not to directly engage more maneuverable ships such as the Warbird, and make sure to watch your energy.

Subspace Chaos Quote:

The Leviathan is the only craft to start with bombs and it has the energy capacity to use them. The Leviathanís whole strategy is centered around bringing this weapon to bear. Leviathan players should be wary however as bombs cost a lot of energy to use and this can leave the Leviathan like a beached whale ready to be destroyed. Leviathan is best suited to crowded terrain. Remember that bombs explode when they hit walls so if you are fighting and enemy in an enclosed space then you have an advantage as even a near miss will cause him damage. Also bombs can inflict damage through walls. It is always amusing to corner an enemy hiding behind a wall then explode a bomb next to him and watch him whine when he dies.

Rincewind Quote:

The Leviathan is the most commonly chosen ship among newbies, but rarely used by experienced players. It is said in the help file to be the most powerful ship, which seems to lead many new players to the conclusion that they are in for a few easy kills. Even though the Leviathan has the ability to upgrade to L3 bombs, its subpar piloting capabilities make it difficult to win a close battle. Furthermore, L3 bombs require massive amounts of energy to fire, which puts the ship in great danger of being killed by a retaliatory shot.

Does this mean the Leviathan sucks? Certainly not. If you come up against some of the better Leviathan players, you will be in for the fight of your life. Their strategy is to always keep a screen or two away from the enemy, whom they will constantly bombard with L3 bombs. This makes it extremely difficult to approach close enough for a kill, and it frequently takes three or more players to nail down an errant Leviathan. If your tastes run more towards the excitement of close combat, make another choice.

Perhaps what this ship is best at is controlling large areas of territory. If, for example, your team has a base with one entrance, and there is lots of space around this entrance where enemies like to hang out, have a team member take a Leviathan out there and canvas the area with his bombs.