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Subspace Continuum Javelin

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The Javelin's strongest trait is its speed. It is by far the fastest ship in the game, which makes it a great ship for chasing, or running from, the enemy. It has low acceleration, which makes it difficult to drive, but a good Javelin pilot can use the mapís layout to avoid getting tripped up or out maneuvered. The Javelin is generally used as a Ďhit and runí type ship because it can escape quickly after it has attacked. Generally, beginning Javelin players should be aware that the lack of rotation speed makes it tough to steer in tight areas; to counteract this, use walls or other obstacles to quickly bounce back into battle.

Subspace Chaos Quote:

The Javelin is a fast, well powered craft that is hard to handle due to its relatively weak acceleration. Speed is what the Javelin is all about. Not only does its speed allow it to reach powerups before other ships but it gives a decisive edge in combat if used correctly. Against other ship types, the Javelin can use its speed to decide where and when to pick a fight. When the Javelin pilot decides to engage he should use high speed slashing attacks then use his speed to stand off until he is recharged to strike again. Using these tactics a Javelin can wear down and frustrate even the most powerful of opponents. The Javelinís high speed also allows it to orbit near dogfights then when one opponent is killed the Javelin can sweep in and finish off the loser who is presumably damaged after the fight.

Rincewind Quote:

The Javelin has the highest top speed of any ship. It also starts out with the best upgrades - a high charge rate and top speed, both useful for avoiding the legions of neg-killers out there. However, its maximum rotation speed simply sucks, and its thrusters aren't as powerful as the Warbird's. This is not to say that a Javelin will lose to a Warbird every time; there are many good Javelin players who kill more than their share of Warbirds. But although it is unmatched in its ability to hunt down and overtake those who dare to run, the Warbird is simply the better ship once the fight has started. In the flag game, however, the Javelin has a great advantage when it comes to outrunning opponents. It is also an excellent ship to use in combination with single fire guns, which can mean instant death to a slower victim. It is usually a bad ship to fly in the War Zone due to the constricted areas within bases, but it can outrun most antiwarpers with ease.