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2D Space Combat
More Addictive Than Crack

Subspace is freeware and is the longest-running massively multiplayer internet space combat game in the world. And we're looking for new blood...

A day to learn, a month to grasp, a lifetime to master . . .
  • Meet people from all over the world...then kill them.
  • Choose from up to 8 unique ships to master.
  • Use a large variety of weapons and tactics to defeat your opponents.
  • Play alone and fend off the crowds to become a legend or join a squad or league for intense team combat and go for the glory.
  • Track your stats across an assortment of different zones and arenas.

This site is your #1 source for getting started in Standard Subspace Setting (SSS) Zones SSS zones based on the original game settings—the Legend Zones of Subspace. Our goal is to help all 1st-time Subspace players get started and to help Trench Wars, Extreme Games and all other 1-shot-kill and overkill (supership) zone players transition to the deeper and more challenging SSS zones based on original settings.

Our quick tips on getting started:

  1. Download and unzip the game to the directory of your choosing. You will not need to run any install programs.
  2. We highly recommend reviewing the Quick Start Guide and Player Manual before playing the 1st time. Also, consider mapping your keyboard controls (type ctrl-k on the opening console screen) before entering a zone.