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Subspace Quick Start Guide

  1. Download Continuum.
  2. Unzip Contents to your desired permanent location.
  3. Run continuum.exe.
  4. Click on 'Profile'
  5. Enter a 'Name' and 'Password' (Tip: Most common names have already been chosen, choose something unique).
  6. Choose the highest resolution you can comfortably play at (Tip: the higher the res, the farther you can see).
  7. Click 'OK'.
  8. Select a Zone on the right side list. Start in Alpha (or Chaos if you feel brave).
  9. Select a ship from the pictures on the left. Good starting ships are Warbird and Terrier.
  10. Click 'Play' and wait for the zone to load. If it is your first time entering you may have to wait a while for all the zone-specific graphics and sounds to download. Be patient . . . the mayhem is about to begin!
  11. Some zones force you to enter in 'Spectator Mode'. If you can't control your ship when you first enter it means you are watching someone else play. To jump in a ship and play press ESC-1 (warbird) or ESC-5 (Terrier).
  12. Basic controls (if you did not remap them) are the arrow keys (thrust/reverse/left/right), left CTRL (fire bullets), and left Tab (fire bombs). There are dozens of other controls, but these are all you need to start flying around and shooting at people.
  13. Hit F1 while in game to bring up a list of other commands and options. Type ESC-Q to exit the game.
  14. Good luck pilot, space is a dangerous place!