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Subspace Tips and Hints

  1. This game make look easy, but it is actually very hard. Many players have been playing for years. Stick with it and you'll be kicking ass before you know it. Few games are as rewarding as they are challenging...this is one of those rare gems.
  2. There's very little friction in space, you won't slow down unless you hit a wall (they don't hurt) or thrust in the opposite direction. But this is a good thing...momentum is your friend, never stay still.
  3. Don't fly in a straight line, it makes you an easy target.
  4. Watch your energy closely (blue bar at top of screen). It is your offense and defense. If it gets to 0 you explode in a fiery blossom of death. The more you fire the less it takes to kill you so conserve your energy and make your shots count. Run away often to recharge.
  5. Repels (CTRL+SHIFT) are your best defense. Practice using them often.
  6. Your own bullets can't hurt you, but your own bombs hurt bad if they explode close to you. When you do this it is called "closebombing" and the more damage you take from your own bomb the less damage your enemy takes, so look out! Only use bombs from a distance. Bullets are for close up dirty work.
  7. Spend a couple days just practicing "Greening". Fly around picking up the little green boxes (prizes a.k.a. greens) to hone your flying skills.