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If the help guide below does not solve your problem try the links to various Tech Support boards at the bottom of the page.

A) I Can't Enter a Zone
  • You May be Using SubSpace (VIE) 1.34/1.35
    • The zone that you are trying to enter may be Continuum-only. Continuum is the new client for subspace. You can download it here
  • SubSpace or Continuum
    1. Check to make sure that you are connected to the internet and that the server is online.
    2. The zone may be a permission-only zone, such as a league. If this is the case, you will not be able to enter without the permission of the zone staff (usually obtained from their respective website).
    3. You may be banned from the zone. If this is the case, you SHOULD see contact info for the ban staff for that zone.
    4. The zone may be misconfigured, try another one.
B) Continuum Help, Bugs, and Issues
  • The current main publically-released Continuum version is 0.38 but SSS zones use the .39pr1 release (bug fix).
    1. When you try to enter a zone Continuum tells you your version is out-of-date and needs an upgrade, but you are absolutely sure you have the latest version of Continuum already
      • Cause: Win.CIH (or another) virus
        1. Goto www.kaspersky.com.
        2. Download the AVP virus scanner and run it (feel free to try another virus scanner if you can't get AVP to work, but AVP has the most success cleaning SS-affecting viruses)
        3. Clean out the viruses that are found.
        4. Uninstall Continuum
        5. Re-download Continuum from scratch
        6. Reinstall subspace
        7. Play...if you still get this error, then go to the tech support forums and post to the effect that you have the version update error and tried getting rid of any viruses.
    2. Text is jumbled and illegible
      • If you use Windows 95, make certain that you have DirectX installed
      • If DirectX is installed and you have this issue, install continuum to the same directory as SubSpace - you are missing some graphics files
    3. How do I register to play?
      • You don't need to pre-register to play the game. Simply launch Continuum, create a new profile, find a zone, and play.
    4. Every time I enter the zone, I'm in spec mode
      1. Click on the "Profile" button
      2. Click on the dropdown list to the right of "Ship"
      3. Select your favorite ship-type (or alternately, leave it on "Default")
      4. Click "OK"
    5. I can't get a higher resolution in windowed mode than my desktop resolution
      • That's right. Either deal with it, increase your desktop display resolution, or play in full-screen mode.
      • Note that if you have a higher resolution specified than will fit, continuum will use the highest resolution possible
    6. I can't fire any weapons or steer my ship
      1. Click on the blue "Profile" on top-left
      2. Click on "key defs"
      3. If there is no "default" keymap present, click the "new" button (lower left)
      4. Click the "defaults" button
      5. Click "OK"
      6. In the key defs dropdown list, select the key mappings you just created
      7. Click "OK" again
    7. Energy of my ship appears below the entire turret
      • This is a feature of continuum. In SubSpace, it didn't appear at all.
    8. I can't send or receive wav messages
      • Make sure that your sound files are under 32KB in size.
      • If you are still having problems, please post a bug report.
    9. Quitting from a zone with bounty save on does not save my bounty
      • If any settings changes have been implemented by the sysop or by a bot (such as frequency size), your bounty may not be saved when you re-enter.
      • If you know that no settings have been altered and that the zone has bounty save on, please report the bug on the forums.
    10. Can map one key to multiple things
      1. Will display some in red, indicating a conflict
      2. Only one weapon/device will work if you keep the key mapping as is
      3. More checks may be added in the future to disallow invalid mappings
    11. FPS in the current version of Continuum is much worse than in the VIE clients
      Note that the best FPS is synchronized with your monitor refresh rate, typically 60-85. Anything below that is not good and anything above that is not necessarily good either
      • Cause: Most likely cause is that there are some troubleshooting options enabled in advanced options
        • Go to Options -> Advanced options and clear all checkboxes.
        • Note that you can set your monitor refresh rate in your profile as well.
    12. Mine/bomb/bomb trail graphics display partial or combined graphics
      • Cause: Broken mines.bm2, trail.bm2 and/or bombs.bm2 in your Continuum directory
        • You may attempt to repair your custom graphics. As a general rule, there should be 4 levels of weapons in each graphics file...not just 3.
        • If you don't know how to do the above, delete or move mines.bm2, trail.bm2 and bombs.bm2
    13. When 3D sound is turned on in options menu, sound is messed up or Continuum locks up
      • Cause: Bug in Continuum. Please post sound card, Windows version and DirectX version to the bug reporting forum
        • As a temporary "fix" disable 3D sound until the problem is found and fixed.
    14. When I try to enter a zone with twister loaded with continuum, my computer freezes up
      • Whohoo! Can I have your IP address so I can ban you anyway?
C) High Packetloss with 56K modems
  • Cause: Some 56Ks suck
    1. Make sure you have v.90 drivers
    2. If you do or that doesn't solve it, try just connecting at 33.6 and not 56K. The packetloss may be due to differential sending/receiving speeds (sending at 33.6, receiving at 56K). If connection speed is 33.6 there is no snifty compression, but it is a more steady speed for gaming.

D) Other Packetloss/Ping problems
  • Cause: Your ISP sucks
    1. AOL is very problematic for SubSpace players. If AOL is your ISP, switch ISPs.
    2. Connect to a zone on a server that is geographically closer.
      • SSCU servers are based in northern Europe.
      • SSCE servers are based in the eastern US.
    3. Only have subspace loaded. No other programs on the taskbar.
    4. Make sure msoffice is closed out
    5. Take AIM and ICQ offline if you have them on. Also, disable anything that has a moving gif image or anything that flashes on your desktop.
E) Blank or "Wavy Lined" Screen
  • Cause: Incompatible Resolution
    1. Select a different display resolution
    2. Download updated drivers for your graphics card
    3. Check the specs for the allowed refresh rates for each resolution on your monitor
    4. Pick a resolution where the default/optimal refresh rate for a given resolution on your graphics card is equal to the default refresh rate for your monitor