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Subspace Continuum Thor's Hammer

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Thor's Hammer

A Thorís Hammer is a large bomb that can travel through walls. They travel until they fly off of the map, and have an extremely large proximity. This weapon requires no energy to fire, and does not do a large amount unless it is near a direct hit. When firing Thorís Hammer, you must be quite far away, or else you will damage yourself more than your enemy (this is called a PB).

Subspace Guide

The Thor's Hammer is a huge dark matter bomb, capable of inflicting damage equal to an L4 bomb. The Thor's Hammer will travel through walls, asteroids and other obstacles. It has a proximity range also equal to an L4 bomb. The Thor's Hammer is a one-shot weapon, and can be obtained by collecting greens.

The thor is the ultimate weapon of destruction in SubSpace. It can be used to kill or weaken an enemy that is attacking your teammates on the other side of the wall. It's a great way to kill enemies who are hiding in a structure when they are low on energy.

Maybe one of the most underused features of the thor is killing a weakened opponent with a Thor when dueling. People usually see it as a waste of the thors. I think this is weird, because this is a very good way to get a kill out of your thor. Why use the thor for this? Easy! It doesn't require any energy to fire, so it does not put you at a disadvantage when you miss ; you can safely fire one even if you're low on energy (tip : STAY AWAY FROM THE EXPLOSION!). Second, it inflicts a huge amount of damage, even if it's not a direct hit. If your timing is OK, then it's very likely that your opponent will die, or at least will be forced to run for his life, because he probably wasn't expecting that much damage. Duel me and I guarantee you that when you die, you will often die with a thor up your ass :-)

Thors are also good for picking at flag carriers, waiting in their base for their flags to drop. If they just attached to their teammate, they will be low on energy. Quickly trying to hit him with a thor or two often proves succesful, and the reward is high : you now have all the flags the guy you killed was carrying a moment ago.

If possible, fire thors at high speed. This way, players will have less time to react and dodge / repel the thor, causing them to take more damage. If you can, line up, use a rocket to gain a good amount of speed and shoot em. Using this tactic, you can easily fire the thor into packs of enemies, aiming the thor at the center of the group. They will have little time to repel, and all of them will suffer serious damage when your thor hits.

When firing thors into enemy bases, it's a good thing to turn on stealth. If an enemy sees a blue dot coming towards him with warp 9, then he'll know that you're going to shoot some things at him. He can repel the thor, or he can block the thor for a flag carrier, and your thor will be "wasted". If you have stealth engaged, however, then most of the enemies won't see you coming, since they "ping" xradar only once in a while to check for cloakers. This ensures that your Purple Puddle of Pain comes crashing down on your enemies.

Subspace Chaos Quote:

Level 4 proximty bomb that travels through walls. A one shot weapon.

Rincewind Quote:

The Thor is like a bomb, except it costs no energy to fire and has a wider trigger radius. It also has the unique ability to pass through walls. Use it to bombard ships who are behind walls defending a base, or an enemy ship with flags that is hiding in a tube. The thor is most dangerous if more than one is fired at once, and several teammates firing several thors each can take out an entire settlement