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Subspace Continuum Superpower

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Superpowers are quite uncommon, but provide a huge advantage. They allow you to fire bullets and bombs without taking any energy drain. When you get a Superpower, there are two options, continually fire, or engage in a dogfight. If you are far from the pack, continually firing bombs or bullets is the best idea, but if you have an enemy nearby, engage as you normally would, but keep your attack up. They will over fire because they will think you are near death from firing at them. Supers will last a variable amount of time (depending on the one you greened), but they can be anywhere from 1 second to 60 seconds. The counter in the middle right of your screen will tell you how long you have left before the Super is gone.

Subspace Guide

Superpower will give your ship a weapon upgrade for a certain amount of time. It can be obtained by collecting greens. A timer will appear in the top right corner, and until the timer reaches zero, your ship will fire it's bombs and guns for free. You can fire continuously without depleting your ships' energy reserve. The downside? There is no downside. Just keep that CTRL button pressed and go kick some ass.

This is especially useful in enclosed area's, where there is on way for your enemies to escape from you. By the time they notice that you have superpower it's usually too late. Expert players, however, will notice this pretty quick, and they will probably run like hell. The key to surprising them is to hold your fire until you get real close. Once you are close to him, you can spray bullets around as you please, but keep an eye on the timer. Many people have died because they spent all their energy firing bullets after the timer ran out.

Subspace Chaos Quote:

Allows firing of bullets and bombs without any energy drain.

Rincewind Quote:

Super is also a countdown bonus, but unlike shields, the time you have for super is randomly determined and can be anywhere from 1 to 60 seconds. During this time, you can fire all of your weapons for free. The best way to use this is to rush toward a cloud of enemies firing nine or ten bombs ahead of you. If you fly a Leviathan, those pilots will be weeping in dismay as they take two or three thousand points of damage in just a few seconds.

If you're in a tight spot consider laying five mines in quick succession. A pursuer will not expect you to have done this and will be unprepared.