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Subspace Continuum Stealth

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Stealth allows your ship to hide itself on the radar. Your ship will still be visible on the main screen, but enemies will not be able to see you on their radar screen unless they have X-Radar turned on. Stealth takes energy, which slows your recharge, when it is turned on.

Subspace Guide

Stealth is a useful tool that will make your ship invisible on radar when activated. Stealth will drain energy from your ship's reserve, and opponents are able to counteract it using Xradar. Stealth will not be able for all ships in most zones. Some ships will have stealth enabled by default, and some ships will have to collect greens to get it.

Stealth is commonly used to hide from people when your ship is weak. You don't wanna go into battle when the odds are against you, right? Simple turn on stealth (if you have it) and collect some greens to make your ship stronger.

Stealth is also a critical part of cloaking ships. They are invisible on-screen so enemy's can't see them, but what if he sees a blue dot next to him on his radar? He'll turn on his Xradar to see you, and shoot some blue pellets through your shiny armor. To prevent this, simply turn on your stealth, and he will have no idea what happens to him when you suddenly emerge out of the blackness to kill him.

Stealth is also used to get closer to enemies without them noticing. Line up at the end of a long, small tunnel, and turn on stealth. Fly towards the tunnel and fire a line of bombs. Watch your energy level while firing, back off to your starting point, recharging as you do, and fire again. There are few ways of escaping your bombs in such a tunnel, so you're bound to get at least some kills. Watch out for cloakers and other sneaky people that fire thors at you, because they know you low on energy. One unexpected shot will kill you or get you dangerously close to zero energy.

If you feel you have a decent energy advantage over a player you are chasing, you'll want him to spend as much energy as possible. Turn on stealth, so he is forced to check use his xradar, which consumes quite an amount of energy. Turn off your stealth later, and sometimes he will forget to turn off his xradar.

Subspace Chaos Quote:

When you activate stealth you are invisible on the RADAR map display to all other players. Stealth lowers recharge rate, use it with discretion.

Rincewind Quote:

Stealth is a tool of many uses; it can be activated to hide oneself from the attentions of a trigger-happy foe, and can also enable you to sneak up on an unsuspecting enemy. When you are downgraded and wish to hunt for green without being bothered, or don't want your flags to show up on radar, then turn on stealth. Although you may be invisible to ordinary craft, be careful, since minefields and stray bombs can still kill you, and pilots with x-radar can see you all the same.

Do not take your eyes off the map, and be aware of any ships that seem to be heading directly toward you. They may or may not be tracking you, which is a possibility you can easily test for by changing directions and seeing if they follow. When attacking a ship with no x-radar, first bomb him from afar. If this barrage does not kill him outright, he will begin to run. Respond by chasing him firing shots, and if you are fast enough you can enter his field of view from an unpredictable angle and hit him at close range. Do this again and again and you can wear down even the most skillful of pilots.

Stealth decreases your charge rate by a sizable, though not unmanageable, amount. Be aware, though, that in battle any energy advantage held by your opponent is a huge plus for him. If you are stealthed and he has x-radar on, then your rates are equal, but if he has it off and can stay in sight of you, be careful. A nasty trick to play on your enemy is to engage him with stealth on, forcing him to engage his x-radar. Then turn off your stealth and enjoy your corresponding charge rate advantage; it is likely your opponent will not think to test if he still needs his x, and will suffer energy-wise. Of course, be equally aware that this card can be played against you.