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Subspace Continuum Rocket

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When a rocket is triggered, your ship has temporary increased speed. As long is the rocket is running, it will move you forward very fast, and you will be unable to stop. This item is useful when you are trying to escape an enemy attack, or chase a retreating enemy. Firing bombs while rocketing at a distant crowd is also a good way to pick up spare kills.

Subspace Guide

The Rocket is a one shot weapon that will greatly increase your speed and thrust when fired. Blue flames will emerge out of your exhaust, causing your ship to boost forward with immense speed, leaving any other ship behind you. The rocket will last for only a couple of seconds ; your ship will fly at normal speed again when it stops. The rocket can be obtained by collecting greens.

The rocket is good for escaping tight situations, when you are about to get hammered in a few seconds. Find a way out using your radar, fire your rocket and boost to safety. Beware though, your speed will be too high to steer your ship properly. If a minefield is up ahead, you won't be able to evade it, and you will have very little time to warp to your portal or repel the mines away. Also beware of any asteroids or other obstacles. If you hit one of these while rocketing out, you will bounce back, only to stumble around like a drunk driver until your rocket wears off. You will also smack into whatever your enemies are shooting after you, putting you in an even worse situation that you were in before rocketing.

On the offensive side, rockets can quickly kill lots of pilots when used properly. Move away from a crowded place, fire your rocket, and start flying back towards the crowd, continuously firing bombs as you go. The bombs will have their normal speed, plus the speed of your rocket, turning them into mortal projectiles from hell. You will be flying straight into a dangerous place full of baddies, and since your low on energy you probably won't stay alive long there. Make sure you have a portal set at a safe spot to warp back to when things get too hot.

Subspace Chaos Quote:

Gives your ship a super burst of forward thrust for a limited time.

Rincewind Quote:

Rockets are like afterburners on PCP. You will find them one at a time just like burst, but when you activate them your ship will acquire super-thrusters for about six seconds. You'll zip forward at about twice the speed of a normal ship and can easily catch up to anything on your radar. However, the face that you are moving so fast means that you are that much less maneuverable. If you try to backup with rockets on you will find that it simply doesn't work; since you're going at about twice normal speed hitting the back thrusters will just reduce you to about %50 of that. Try not to run into any walls or obstacles, since you'll just careen around like a moron for the last few seconds.

Also consider using rockets to close the gap between you and a ship still on the screen. If he was fighting you and made a mistake that cost him energy, he'll be turning away from you and will think he's safe. What he won't be expecting is a rocket attack in his direction.

Rockets are best used with the Warbird or the Terrier. With a Warbird, you can rocket up to your victim and then quickly rotate around him shooting single guns. If you find yourself as the victim in this situation you have little choice but to repel. Spot him a few seconds before he comes near you, though, and you may have time to drop a mine or two in his path, which will weaken him considerably. The Terrier is good with rockets because you can simply run right up someone's tailpipe with a stream of double guns.