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Subspace Continuum Portal

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Portals allow you to drop a beacon that you can then warp back to. Dropping and warping to a portal do not require any energy, and the beacon will last for 60 seconds. If an enemy has anti-warp on you will be unable to warp to, or drop the portal.

Subspace Guide

The Portal is a beacon that you can warp to whenever you want. Once you drop the portal, a timer will be activated. The beacon can only be used once, and will disappear when used or when the timer reaches zero. When you warp, you will still fly in the same direction with the same speed. The portal can be obtained by collecting greens.

The thing that the portal is used for most is probably warping to safety. You can drop a portal in a safezone or in an an abadoned part of the map. After that, you simply engage the enemy like you would do normally. If things look bad, you can hit Insert and warp back to safety to your portal. Sounds cool eh? But there's a catch! If an enemy player is near you, and if he has antiwarp turned on, then you won't be able to warp! You'll be stuck in whatever mess you got yourself into, and you will likely die (warping to your portal is usually a way to escape death ; no warp means no escape).

The other important feature of a portal is (surprisingly?) the offensive part. If an enemy is chasing you, simply drop a portal. When the enemy passes the portal, you warp and end up right behind him, pounding him with a stream of L3 bullets. But be careful! Lots of players will use this trick against you too. Simply turn on antiwarp to keep them from doing this.

And the final thing you can do with portals : drop one, kamikaze with some teammates into the enemy base, and warp out as soon as you are near death. This way, you can get rid of some defenders, making it easier to capture the base. You can simply fire your guns till your energy reserve is depleted, and you warp out.

Subspace Chaos Quote:

Drops beacon that remains active for 60 seconds allowing you to warp back to the drop point.

Rincewind Quote:

The portal is a very recent addition to the game that is quickly proving to have many uses. Single-use like burst, you lay one with shift-insert and then for 60 seconds you can hit insert to be instantly teleported to the place where you dropped it. Dropped portals can't be seen by enemies, but antiwarp will prevent you from using it.

At first you might think the portal would be a great way to escape pursuit. It is, but the portal is even better as an offensive weapon. The key is to drop one while enagaging the enemy, and then activate it shortly afterward to put yourself in an advantageous position. For example, someone is chasing you down a corridor. Drop a portal, and then when he has passed that point, teleport and now you are right behind him. You can do this out in the open as well and appear on his tail with single guns blazing. Also, you can set a trap by placing a portal nearby and then walking into a dead end. As soon as an enemy comes to investigate, teleport out and now he will be the trapped one.

Lamers can lay a minefield, then drop a portal while being chased into the trap. Often the opponent will be expecting the mines and will slow down, thinking to take another route, but when he does, you instantly activate your portal and appear on his other side. He is now between your mines and your ship, never a happy prospect. Repel.

People are going to have great fun with this in the War Zone. If you're being chased out of an enemy base, drop a portal and you'll have 60 seconds to hold for another opportunity. The possibilities are endless.