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Subspace Continuum Burst

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The burst is an extremely strong offensive weapon. When a burst is fired, it fires bullets in all directions away from your ship. This bullets do not become “activated” until they hit at least one wall. Once they hit a wall, they then bounce around until they either disappear or hit an enemy. Burst bullets do a lot of damage, but because of their “deactivated” state at first, they must be fired in a closed space. Ideally, you want to fire a burst when the enemy is near, and you are in a corner, small box, or tunnel.

Subspace Guide

The burst is a one-shot weapon that, when fired, will fire loads of L4 bullets in every direction. These bullets will not hurt any enemy until they have bounced off a wall or other obstacle. These bullets stay around for a short while, inflicting massive damage when bounced off a wall and hitting an opponent. Bursts can be obtained by collecting greens.

The most obvious place to use a burst is a place with lotsa walls. This way, you will make sure that most of the bullets will activate by bouncing off a wall, maximizing the effect of a burst. Use it when an enemy is chasing you in a small tunnel, and watch the bullets tear his ship to pieces. Using it when in a corner of a large room will also give you lots of bullets flying around, all you have to do is try to get the enemy as close as to the corner as possible to kill him.

One thing you shouldn't do when an enemy fires a burst is repel. It will bounce the bullets away, only to see them bounce back just as fast, killing you and your teammates in the progress. The best thing you can do is sit and wait, and dodge a little bit till the burst times out and disappears. On the other hand, if you fired a burst, you'll want the enemy to eat as much of it as possible. Simply repel him, and he'll bounce around, taking a lot of damage from the burst.

When beginning to play, you'll probably think that the burst is a really powerful weapon. It IS very powerful alright, but I doubt if you will be able to kill veteran players with it. Having a burst is one point, but knowing how to use it is worth 10. Veteran players have seen it all, and have tried lots of tricks to kill people with their bursts. Think before you shoot the burst, that it'll give you a good feeling when you kill someone that way, and it will make you a better player.

Subspace Chaos Quote:

This little baby throws out level 4 bullets in all directions from your ship. HOWEVER, these bullets are only active AFTER they have bounced off something (will not bounce off enemy ships).

Rincewind Quote:

Like repel, burst comes in singles, and also like repel, you can hold a maximum of three. When activated by the shift-delete key combination, a large number of purple L4 bullets are emitted from your ship in a circular pattern. L4 bullets are seen only with the burst weapon, since it is impossible to upgrade your gun past the L3 ceiling; as might be expected, they inflict about a third more damage than L3 bullets.

What is interesting is that the burst shrapnel is totally harmless until it bounces off a wall. There are basically two situations in which to use burst. The first is in small enclosed areas like bases or corridors. The second is when you're up against a corner or some other structure that will direct the burst outward toward any nearby enemy ships. You can easily take out three or four defenders with one burst if you time it right. Be aware that the enemy is likely planning exactly the same trick, though, and may activate his before you can fire yours.

One other detail: a burst does not inherit the momentum of your ship. In this way they are similar to mines, and is useful against a pursuing enemy if you are running down a corridor.

It's a very bad idea to hit repel if you are bursted. Very, very bad. Especially if you have teammates nearby. Just wait it out and hope for the best. In fact, the best thing you can do when bursted in a small area is to sit absolutely still. If you're lucky the shrapnel will bounce around and time out before most of it has a chance to hit you.