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Subspace Continuum Brick

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A brick is a wall that can be deployed on the battlefield. All teammates and team fire will pass through the brick (and friendly bricks will appear yellow to you), but all enemy fire and ships will be bounced off the brick as though it were a wall. There are many uses for bricks, including trapping enemies in small areas, defending bases, or creating safe places for your team to fight in.

Subspace Guide

The brick is an obstacle that, when dropped, will lay a wall of special tiles perpendicular to the nearest wall, which will stay around for a certain amount of time. For people on your team, these tiles will be transparent ; your bombs, bullets and ships will be able to move through them. Your enemies, however, will not be able to fire anything through it. It will stop them, and everything else a wall normally would. Bricks can be obtained by collecting greens.

The brick is very useful in games with bases etc. When the enemy is about to overrun your base, simply drop your brick in the entrance and watch them die ; you can now fire at them whilst they can't fire at you. The same counts for attacking an enemy base. One well placed brick will give you such an advantage that you'll conquer the base with greatest ease. Use the bricks wisely and you'll be surprised how many times it will win you a game.

Bricks are like a wall to an enemy, so what happens if you drop one right on top of them? Just like a door, the player that is caught in it will be warped, regardless of his / her energy level and regardless of the presence of antiwarp. This is a cool trick to get one or more players out of your base. You can fly near them and try to drop the brick on them. This is a bit risky though, since your oponents will be firing unpleasant things at you. Instead of that, drop a portal, then back off, and warp back to the portal when they are next to it. With a bit of aiming, you'll be able to warp two, maybe even three opponents out of your base, giving you some time to get reinforcements to defend your base against the next wave of attackers.

Subspace Chaos Quote:

Drops a brick perpendicular to the nearest wall. If dropped on an enemy, his ship will be warped.

Rincewind Quote:

The brick allows you to place an artificial barrier on the map wherever you want. It's about an inch long, times out in two minutes, and is transparent to your team while behaving like any other wall to an opponent. Be careful when placing it. You can only lay it horizontally or vertically, the direction depending on the distance to the nearest solid barrier. If you want to plug a gap, stay motionless in the gap and lay the brick, and it will connect the two nearest walls.

You can lay it in a corridor or even in midair while being chased to stop any pursuers. It's perhaps most useful, though, in base attacks and base defense. You can lay it over the entrance to an enemy base, and your team will be able to fire in while they can't shoot back. Likewise if your base is about to fall, retreat to where your flags are and block the way in.