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Subspace Continuum Antiwarp

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Antiwarp is an important tool during the chase. By turning this item on, it prevents all enemies from using portals, and also prevents them from warping to a new location. This is advantageous in a chase because you donít want the enemy to portal away from you when they are nearly dead. Likewise, you may want to prevent people who have full energy from warping away from you.

Subspace Guide

Antiwarp is a tool that will deny all enemy ships in near you to warp, attach or drop a portal. Antiwarp will drain energy from your ship's reserve, and it will stop working if your energy is depleted. Some ships have it enabled by default, and some will have to collect greens to get it.

Use antiwarp when you are trying to chase an enemy into a dead end or he will simply warp out.The same is true when you are trying to nail someone with a burst. Although it's a slight disadvantage when you turn it on (it costs energy to maintain), the bright side of this is that if you corner an enemy and are about to deliver the final blow, that he won't simply warp to safety. This can be very frustrating, since it probably took you some time and required you to take some risks to get him in that position.

Subspace Chaos Quote:

Prevents ships within range from WARPing to safety when activated. ANTIWARP lowers recharge rate.

Rincewind Quote:

When activated, antiwarp drains energy at about the same rate as stealth and x-radar, but prevents any opponents within a radius of about half a sector from warping or joining a teammate. Turn it on whenever you've caught the enemy in a bad position and are afraid he may warp. A very weak ship holding flags will almost always do so given the chance, as will an enemy caught in a dead end.

When chasing a more powerful pilot who likes to warp, it is better to designate one teammate as the 'antiwarper', leaving the actual attack to the others. The antiwarper will not fight, but will concentrate on keeping himself near the victim. Since antiwarp drains energy, especially in combination with the sometimes necessary x-radar, it isn't wise to fire while it's on.

If you're being antiwarped and need to escape, consider dropping into the nearest wormhole, and likewise watch out for opponents who may pull the same trick. Also, you will be automatically warped if a gate materializes on you, regardless of antiwarp. If neither of these options is feasible, run down the nearest corridor and lay a string of mines behind you. If your opponent is stupid enough to follow, his ass is toast.

Frequently people will complain that a person warped while he had his anti turned on. This can sometimes be possible due to server lag; if you're being antiwarped and suddenly everyone else in the game flickers off the screen, you can now warp safely until they come back.