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Subspace Continuum Warbird

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The Warbird is one of the original ships of Subspace. It is the most maneuverable ship in the game, which makes it a great dog fighting ship. In addition, it has the highest thrust speed, which allows it to escape, or dodge all other ships. Because of its increased maneuverability, it is common to see turret drivers using this ship to strafe and dodge incoming attacks, while their gunners take down the enemy. This ship is the most common ship to use for advanced pilots, but new players should use this ship because the maneuverability makes it easier to learn how to steer.

Subspace Chaos Quote:

The Warbird is the ideal craft for the beginner. Easy to learn and packing a good punch, an expert Warbird pilot can run rings around less maneuverable opponents. A good tactic for a Warbird pilot is to actively seek out heavier opponents then dogfight with them dodging bullets and bombs until he believes the enemy has depleted his energy then striking the killer blow with his guns. The Warbird’s excellent acceleration and turn rate makes this tactic possible. Warbird pilots should be very wary about using their gun. Although it is powerful it should not be used for "spraying" a target with bullets as each round is expensive in energy and the Warbird has little energy to spare. The gun is best used in short bursts or even better as single "ranging" shots to keep an opponent distracted until you get nice and close then the killing burst. When on the defensive, remember to use your maneuverability to cling to the edges of walls and always turn around a wall at the very last moment. The chances are that a clumsier craft will hit the wall and lose valuable moments allowing you to escape.

Rincewind Quote:

I and many of the better players regard the Warbird as the best ship overall. Since you've read the help file, you will know that the Warbird is the most maneuverable craft; it has the highest maximum rotation and thruster speeds, and a decent top speed. It doesn't have any unusual abilities like the other ships do. However, in tight battle situations, maneuverability is by far your most important weapon, since the difference between your victory and your death is frequently measured in fractions of a second. The capabilities of the Warbird will allow you to avoid bombs that others can't, and navigate terrain that would stymie a Javelin or a Spider.

Yes, a high top speed is nice for the chase and the escape, but if you had killed the guy in the first place you wouldn't have to do these things at all. The Warbird starts out useless, however, with a pitiful charge rate and energy capacity, and needs to be upgraded mercilessly. If you're a newbie, begin with the Javelin, and then after you are comfortable with the game, switch over to the Warbird.