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Subspace Continuum Terrier

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Terriers are generally the ship that new players start with. Their main advantage is that they have double barrel guns, which means you donít have to have as much aim when you are attacking the enemy. The terrier is also a great ship to use when you are fighting in close quarters, because the double barrel bullets will quickly fill tight spaces. Also, when multifire is enabled, Terriers will shoot four bullets instead of three, which is a big advantage for long distance attacks. One downside is that their rate of fire is slightly slower than other ships, which means that in a direct gun duel, other pilots can inflict more damager per second than the Terrier.

Subspace Chaos Quote:

The Terrier is another great beginnerís ship. Its twin guns allow it to spray an enemy with bullets and keep him on the defensive. A great ship to have near walls and closed in areas. The Terrier is also that rarest of ships, one that starts out strong. This means the terrier pilot is less likely to be negged than other types of ships.

Rincewind Quote:

The Terrier is about as maneuverable as the Leviathan but instead of L3 bombs, it sports double-barreled guns (and starts off at L2, instead of L1). With single fire, instead of shooting out a single stream of bullets, it emits two parallel streams. With multifire, though, it only fires four bullets at a time, not six as you would expect. One disappointment with the Terrier is that it fires these guns at a slower rate, and that if one bullet hits its target the other one(s) will automatically disappear. This means that in a gun duel with a Terrier, a good Warbird pilot has the upper hand because he can simply do more raw damage per second. However, the Terrier's advantage lies in the greater area he can cover with his fire. You're only going to win a battle if you are good at avoiding most of what your enemy is shooting while hitting him where he wouldn't expect a ship to be able to fire.

The Terrier is most at home in the War Zone; in claustrophobic bases those extra bullets become deadly. It's an OK ship in the Running Zone, although a Terrier with rockets is a sight to behold.