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Subspace Continuum Features

Subspace (accessed through the Continuum Client) is a free, fast-paced, top-down space combat multiplayer shooter that hosts thousands of simultaneous players.

  • 8 ships with different weapons and abilities to choose from.
  • As many as 12 different offensive and defensive powerups that can be combined for thousands of different strategies.
  • Long Range radar for tracking enemies and teammates.
  • Play as a gunner turret while others manuever the ship.
  • Drop portals and warp behind enemies for a sneak attack.
  • Use anti-magnetic repels to throw enemies away from you.
  • Collect flags, weapon powerups, shields, superfire, and more.
  • Play with up to 125 pilots in the same arena simultaneously!
  • Choose or make your own personal or squad banner to fly with.
  • Easily customizeable for the modding, skinning, and mapping communities.
  • One download gives you dozens of different zones (8 SSS Zones + others you can add) to choose from with different objectives and styles of play.
    • Alpha Zone — otherwise known as Alpha zone, is one of the two original zones from 1996. It was designated as a zone for new players to get a grip on the basic elements of flying. No objective, just fly around and kill....master your ability to control your ship is the main objective of Alpha.
    • SSCX Chaos/League — This is the first of the SSS megazones and comprises many different game arenas into a single zone. The hope is that all SSS zones can someday share the same roof. The breakdown is as follows:
      • Chaos Zone — (Main Arena) This is where Subspace all began. Also known as Chaos Expert; it is a natural progression from Alpha for more experienced pilots. The goal is to kill and not be killed. Fly lone-wolf, in a swarm, or on a turret to compete in the bi-weekly Reset Winners Competition, the biannual Pilot/Squad Rankings, or just for the hell of it. There is also a weekly Chaos League event with dozens of squads competing simultaneously as well as a monthly solo pilot tournament.
      • Dueling Zone — This is a hybrid zone comprising a large free-for-all dueling arena and many leagues in subarenas. Dueling zone focuses on bare-knuckle one-on-one fighting There are is also a Gladiator (3v3) League, Dueling (1v1) Ladder, and a 2v2 Dueling League.
      • Premier League — Premier League (three skill divisions) 4 versus 4 competition is considered by all to be the highest level of team combat competition in Subspace/Continuum. Practices are held throughout the week with dozens of matches taking place every Sunday. Matches are 45 minutes long and each of the 4 starters (and their subs) get 3 lives. A sophisticated ranking system is employed that tracks stats such as assists, damage efficiency, clutch kills and chokes.
      • Gladiator/2v2 Leagues — Gladiator is 3v3 league. Both these leagues are variants of Premier league but are faster-paced and more geared towards individual skills and/or close-range combat.
    • SSCX Warzone CTF — Alpha/Chaos zone with a twist. It is a capture-the-flag type zone where teamwork comes into play a lot more often. There are two teams and your team must get all 8 flags and hold them for 60 seconds for the win.
    • SSCX A Small Warzone — This zone isnít technically SSS settings but the premise, speed, and balance of ships are all close enough that many SSS pilots are known to play here. The goal of this zone is the same as Warzone CTF but there are more than two teams competing and only 5 flags to capture, but the catch is that each pilot can carry only one flag.
    • SSCI Turf Zone Arizona — This zone is similar to Warzone, but more defense-oriented. There are 200 flags that you have to pick up and drop inside your teamís home-base and defend for victory. The radar system shows which teams control which areasÖevery game will be different.